Google+ Local (formerly known as "Google Places")
"Google+ Local" is a directory of local businesses that appears on page 1 when you search for a specific business. This is where all businesses are desperate to be – page ONE, the first page that all searchers will see.

Usually, when someone is searching for a product, business or service in their local area, they’ll write the keyword plus the postcode, or the name of the town or district (e.g."indian restaurant high wycombe").
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Notice that above the usual search results is a list of local Indian restaurants. The little teardrop shapes with a letter (A, B, C, and so on) in them correspond to the map on the right, where you can see the list of restaurants and their locations.

As you can see, the listings offer the phone number, the location on a map, and customer reviews.

Let’s look at the first company on the list. If you click on the company name you get taken directly to their website. OR if you click on the tear drop or the "reviews” you get taken to the Google Places entry, which looks like this:
As you can see, the company details are there, plus a link to the website and customer reviews beneath.
Is your business listed on "Google+ Local"? If not...
1 You are unlikely to make it onto the first page of Google – or get very high on the local search rankings.

2 You don’t have the opportunity to ride on the credibility and reassurance gained from being on a listing hosted by Google.

3 You’re not seizing the chance to customise how your business appears on Google, allowing photographs, contact details and website links to be shown to prospective customers.

4 You’re not benefiting from customer reviews which could massively increase the chances someone will pop in or enquire further. In fact, 62% of UK consumers trust a local business more having read positive online reviews.

5 You’re missing out on Google’s analytics which, if you’re listed, can show a your business how many people are searching for you online and other useful statistics.

6 You’re not likely to pop on potential customers’ smartphones when they’re in the area with some time to spare, thinking “I fancy a curry. I wonder where the nearest Indian restaurant is?”
For a fee of just £125 (+VAT) we help you all the full benefits of Google+ Local.

This is totally risk free. You will not be invoiced until 7 days after the listing has gone 'live' and after that you still have a 28-day 'no quibbles' money back guarantee.

Please call or email us to arrange a free consultation.
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Directory Listings
Having your business listed in the major search engines is important.

Did you know, though, that it is equally important list your business with a host of other, more local,
directories that are often specialized in particular types of business. Many of these offer services similar to Google+ Local where you can have details about your business like address, phone number, opening times, photos, etc.

The more links to your website that there exists on the web, the the more traffic your site will receive and the higher up it will climb in the search engine rankings. This is a form of 'back linking'.

We offer a service where we will do this for you.

We will enter the vital details of your business to scores of local and national directories.

For example:

Price: £247.00 + VAT.