About Us

A Star Web Marketing Ltd is an internet advertising consultancy operating with a personal touch in the
south Buckinghamshire (UK) area, though we can provide our services anywhere in the world.

Our managing director, Krister Laitinen, is a registered agent of the

Our aim is to help the local businesses drive 100's of new, "hungry", customers to their store (or restaurant, practise, etc)
for less than any other form of advertising.

On a risk-free trial basis we can show you how to:

• Tap into hundreds of local customers actively seeking your products and services online every month

• Gain instant exposure to local Google and mobile phone searches

• Enjoy a customised page high up the Google rankings, with special offers, photographs and customer reviews

• Enjoy increased sales and footfall without any extra effort, time or staff commitment on your part

• Become the number one choice in your local area and gain the edge over competitors who don’t use this service

All of this without even owning a website and with no need sacrifice any time, staff or resources of your company.

To see how we can help your business to grow, please email us at .
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